‘The Succeses start with imagination’
Sliding Door Fittings designed especially for bedroom use with inset,top running doors.. The sliding door can be combined with various system for a variety of plinth versions. The runners are provided with screw holes. A retaining screw prevents the door lifting off unintentionally.
• Max. Load capacity is 25 kg.
• For 1-2-3 Sliding Doors
• For Wooden Doors
• Inset Design
• Top Running Roller press-in version
• Door Height Adjustment:±1,5mm
• Can be combined with following bottom guides:
o SKM –M20 – with metal bottom guides and AL-21 Lower Rail
o SKM-43 – for bases with shallow recess
o SKM 20-PK for bases with deep recess and pls. bottom guide track
o SKM 20 for bases with an inset pls. bottom door guide

Top Running Roller: 204149
Pls. Upper Stopper Left: 204313
Pls. Upper Stopper Right:204314
Pls. Bottom Guide Element: 204344
Upper Galvanized Dbl Rail: GAL-20
Upper Alum. Dbl Rail: AL-20
Bottom PVC Recess Guide Rail: PVC-02

Bottom External Guide Element: 204315
Bottom Internal Guide Element:204316
Middle Door Guide Element: 204311
Bottom Dbl Guide Rail: AL-21

Bottom External Guide Element: 204111
Bottom Internal Guide Element:204109
Bottom Dbl Guide Rail: AL-DRK
Bearing capacity for each door is 25kg. The system is upper running and we can make different applications as we change just the bottom parts of the system, in the way showed on the drawings, as A-B-C options
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